"txtme" exhibition New Greenham Arts, 6 - 28 October 2006

For the exhibition above in 2006, "text me" at New Greenham Arts, Newbury 6-25 October 2006, 78 texts shown on the left, were chosen from the archive. Each one was individually displayed on an A1 sheet of paper on the gallery walls.

Check whether one of your texts was selected. It is anonymous unless you, or the person who sent it to you would like to claim it. If the latter is the case email us at txturtxt@yahoo.co.uk and we will name it as yours.

textbank home page

textbank home page


Walrused up and on our way to the party. I look part walrus part south American gun runner. I'll call you when we get there. Xxxxxxxxx

lunch Sorry sue, got distractd n forgot 2 reply. Ok 4 next fri. Txt u nearer time 4 th where n wen. Hava gd w.end its gareth n amandas party sat remember?

i have tied him to the posts.what do i do with the feather duster?

Hullo old ginner beast! When do you return to the north? How has the zooniverse been...Beer somtime?

Done my talk- was a great success - there was 4 different types of cake! Now at Leicester stating waiting for my connection. Wimpoles x x x


How the Fuck do you cook a turnip?

overslept! on my way in now! ben

In space. Miss you though. .not the same. Never as much fun without you x x x

My mobile was stolen so i do not haven't got any archived texts but two that i had saved were one from my friend pat in cyprus which said that i w

Freo are gonna who the Grand Final this year. You know that, don't you?

Aww miss u 2! Think u will b able 2 c me l8r? Even if only 2 say hi, still luv 2 c u. Np if not, but if u do, can offer u wine, & small pressie.. :-)

Might you have walked out the door with my keys? they were not on the peg where i left them. don't panic if u did, it's all fine! if not i shall pan

Oh yeah i forgot- goose and boobs might be on their way too. Call them up! Do it!

Footie's shit

But i'll have divorced him by then

Good luck x see you tomorrow

Cud u please top glass up? Think dry dusty desert sand - that's my throat. Neglect, wot dus a girl have 2 do 2 get a drink? K x

Nice dream ?

Actually these 2 gorgeous blokes hav just sat down at my table, the really dishy one holding a guardian says 2 his mate he feels hes ovr th d

Research conducted at the University of London shows 9 out of 10 slappers use their thumb when reading txt msgs. Theres no point changing your fi

i'm at work but wish i was in my studio i'm havin 2 teach 2 pay my mortgage and wish i didnt have 2. I'm only happy when i'm makin art.

Its the latter w th 00s, but she 4got her phn ths a.m. And no time 2 colect. I can phn her mates aftr 4 2 chek. Gd luk w garden, yes it was lowering

Gah fucking fucking fuck got on train to cuntin new eltham - how far is that from new cross?!

Hello, is it me ur lookin 4, i can c it in ur i's, i can c it in ur smile

Hurrah u got it! Wasnt a random yellow box afterall.. Lookin 4ward to postal gift! Enjoy manc, am off 4 tapas wiv skool people in a bit.. X

Thanx 4 the deliteful postcard cherie! That'll b us 1 day innit! Have summat 2 post u when i find a box wth a big enough hole. Taking caravan 2 Manc now. X

Sam and ruth up a tree k i s s i n g !

We are in a traffic jam. Surprise! We will let you when we hit buzzard. Bate's train gets in at mk at 1.15 hopefully we'll get to you in time. R n x

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, id walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

Ordered toast decaf tea juice museli fruit and yogurt. Did you want porridge or cooked eggs etc?

hey hugo!howr u?coz omg,i feel like shit!!thank u v.much4lukin afta me last nite..how embarasin!..i promis im nt usualy like that!..i o u big time!

lol!yeh,sory bout that;-)..xbox realy isnt my ting.i felt a bit like i woz crashin a 'guys nite in'.neway,b4i fal asleep,nite x x x

hi hugo!i survivd my1st day@normal skl!!omg,i woz so nervus bt u no wot?i realy enjoyd it!it cud al go sour2moro tho...hop ur1st day bak went wel.h

im sory,i dint mean2rub it in dat my day went ok.yeh,y nt?c u2moro!sleep wel.lv,c x x x

I think some of my utensils got put on trailer too but will get them sat

Good. So you wouldn't mind about wednesday? Guess you won't miss the traffic jam ;-) I will check with her and let you know tomorrow...

the wolves are rising...go now.

Hhmm yer bt wat am i meant to do tel her to stop bein ther mate? nah shel b fine i jst wantd to txt sum1 cuz am lonely and i was thinkin bwt it

Hey dude, I hope lacey had a good time. Hope she wasn't too bored or overwhelmed. I had fun at least! See you soon.

The randy robin is randy and waiting in a naked tree thinking of u x x x x x x

Yes supper ta. And yes am being sent to cov via jamaica! boo hoo ha bloody ha !


No no no - now!

Ciao jonny, how is italy? Hot? Hope your having fun time. I was sick friday night sat night and sunday night! Study hard! Love kels x

Yo Gurrl! Izu home n dry?slumpd Guggs caff avin c'ino tinkin u nt missd owt re Gugg-only3 galls open. Sniff.going Met slobba ova jools.missinya darl pal

Oie u-isn'it time u invitd ur adorai fe lunch/sups/snog? I'm w8in t go inta court, suroundd by dogy geezas n judies, (musta remindd me o u)4 2 spee

Milk. Bread. Plumber fixed boiler ok. Love you forever. xxxxxxxx

I used to scintilate but know can only scintilate till ten past three


Am in South Africa this wk! Castle Grey Skull meets Disney! The carpets have animals biting each others throats!

He popped the question!!!

who played opposite patrick stewart in this years ant & cheo in rsc

Just been offered a place at uni! im chuffed to bits. Start on the 18 sept. Oh my god!

Hope the lamb is woolly

13 of them with swishy tails. x

Gd luck with bak2skl.hope u got work done etc.c u soon phe.for a herbtea?xmung bean minnie x

Mummy my tounge really hurts and ave bit of tummy ache

Love u 2 ur not dumbass just bit thick in the hed lol jokin lots of love nitey nitey pjamas pajamas lol wish i brought scruffy the teddey bear

lovely place sky is blue sea is blue lovin it already just got here xxx

Hi any idea when u will b back?

Urm.not sure yet.try others in case?am v tired 2,and helping clare w lily she's nt wel.sori.nice idea tho.mayb nothr day.talk sn if u r stuck she cd

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Sorry x

Who was king in 1916? Doing quiz + forgotten!

life ..... is that it?

SUPERGOOSE: Chocks away! ORV has left Canada, crossed G/land and should reach Iceland soon. Hopefully he has a family. Can he lead them safely south

I'm having a coffee in town gazing out me the window. So, as an experienced man, can you tell me how i get my hands on all those wobbly chest jellies?

Yeah but it's all the quirky humour & character stuff i'm trying to put in - concisely!

R ü free? I am. XXXXXüXXXXX

Really?! You need glasses.

U 2. Hold yourself clearly in mind. Remember even pestilence is purposeful; even porpoises feel pain. So sing sweetly for the sentients! Px

I want time! Tell me wot time!!

All I need is a Beligan chin-strap and a blue plastic horse called Sheila.

Here. Wet. Grey. Boo

Uncle mc'bob from bonny sussex his tapes are Bonkers will go to the library tomorrow x x x Sue's making bannocks!

got EIGHT tables and 4 chairs. Took 2 trips and one evangelical leaflet. Hope your dinner party goddess buds are peaking. Stained mahogany chip-board is

Oooooo! I'm cream crakerd n jus got hm w ng. Doin house paprwork tmro or thas th plan. Yes spk sn or woteva. U slp gd 2 x x x

If you get bored tonight or have a spare slither of time, we will b quaffing ale at the lsb from 8pm (celeb of nik's birthday!)It'd b lovely to see U BOTHX