Melanie Rose

I graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2002 with an MA in Fine Art, since then I have exhibited widely and have work in a number of collections. Whilst at Saint Martins I met Arabella Lee with whom I have been collaborating since 2003.

I am currently working on a series of drawings and paintings called "Storm Chaser" this body of work is non collaborative and is an investigation into the phenomena of storm chasing and bizarre weather conditions.

I also collaborate with the artist and writer Rosemary Shirley.

"Post Marks"

Our first collaborative piece we did was an intensive drawing project donethrough out 2003 and consisted of over 700 drawings. The drawings were posted daily between us and form a dialogue of sketches, illustration and experiments done on the spot, part sketchbook part diary.

The folded and posted drawings bore the marks of their journeys, with the addresses, stamps and frank marks an integral part of the finished work. They were all exhibited as an installation at Transition Gallery, Hackney 2004

Arabella Lee


I met Mel at Central St Martins doing an MA in Fine Art, but my first degree was in science and my work often reflects this. My most recent work, a zoetrope was shown at Transition Gallery, Hackney, earlier this year and also at the Stroud House Gallery 2005. This piece animates twelve origami horses attached to a spinning bicycle wheel.

Presently I am the director and co-founder of the Single Helix Foundation for gastro-art. This promotes and organises the artistic work of snails and other invertebrates that consume organic material.